Tablescapes and Table Setting

17 Nov

It’s been a long time, guys.  I hope you have been well.  I KNOW you are blessed because you are reading this entry.  Pow!

I only have interest in tablescapes and table setting during the holidays.  Otherwise, I don’t really care.  Just hand me my plate.  But it doesn’t hurt to know how to set a table and make people feel invited and special when the time comes. 

A few things…

Don’t overwhelm your guests with a cluttered table.  Keep it simple, thoughtful, nice and neat. If you can, set a table with real dishes (glass and white ceramics).  Choose three materials you love (clear glass, ceramic, metal, and colored glass/painted ceramic) to build upon.  I think Chinet has plastic decorative plates one can use in lieu of ceramic plates.  Right now, all fall items are on clearance because the season is coming to a close.  Check out Michaels and Home Goods; these two stores truly cater to the seasons.

One of the best things one can do is personalize their table setting.  I love personalized anything as a guest.  Here are some random ideas and things I love when visiting for dinner:

    ∙ Folded napkins placed in my plate (Do away with those 80s napkin rings)
    ∙ Menu cards, so guests know what’s available
    ∙ Name tag placed in my folded napkin
    ∙ White Plates (they make food look awesome)
    ∙ Candles (nutmeg, fresh baked cookies, brown sugar, pumpkin pie, cranberry)
    ∙ Appetizers near the area I enter the home or where I will seat prior to dinner being ready (check out Meg’s post for appetizers)
    ∙ Fresh Flowers/Fresh flower tucked in a napkin
    ∙ Clean home
    ∙ If you have a special dessert, make gift box sized portions to give away to your guests.  Yes, put a name tag.  They will have it as their midnight snack guaranteed.
    ∙ For smaller parties, make dishes they love
    ∙ Low music playing the back ground
    ∙ A place to put my jacket and purse
    • Games
    • To-go containers and bags
    • Specialty holiday drink (non-alcoholic or alcholic). Cider with cinnamon sticks sounds awesome.

Fall is awesome because you have that fresh crisp air, clear skies, and warm cozy colors (golden yellows, rusts, browns, and beiges, sultry wine reds). I’m thinking of cable knit and cashmere right now. That’s literally how fall makes me feel. Here are some tablescapes I liked and they speak to my favs above. I did this from my phone as I always do, so I apologize for the crazy formatting.


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