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Wedding Planning Season Begins…Now

9 Sep

Friends and family lure me into planning things I do not want to plan.  I can tell how I interact with my friends because of their reaction to my “no.” smh.  No.More.Weddings. However, if you can pay me several, not a couple thousand to do it and you have a large budget, I am in.  Otherwise, I can’t.  People don’t understand what an effort it is and how meticulous I am, until they work with me.  If you’re a friend, you can call me to discuss it over lunch.  I’ll outline everything and answer any questions you may have in a maximum of two meetings. That is all.

I don’t care how long you give yourself to plan a wedding.  Although the further out the better, everything is about planning. 

Rule #1

Don’t have the wedding of your dreams or think you can have the wedding of your dreams, if you can’t afford it. 

Scale back!  Sacrifice!  Your wedding should be funded via CASH. Cash makes you think thrice times before spending.   If you can’t pay in cash, wait.  I don’t think there is anything wrong with getting married legally and later having a wedding.  Is credit card debt/loan really the way you want to start your married life? Fastest way to cut cost is cutting people. *karate chop*

Rule #2

Don’t ask family members to provide their services

Unless they will be an usher or help setup, I would not advise they cater, do decorations, anything an outside party can do.  If you’re strapped for cash, go ahead, but they are trying to enjoy the ceremony as well, so they’ll be distracted.  Plus, I hate the feeling of anyone believing I owe them for doing me a favor.  When you give, you give.  End of it.

Rule #3

Keep everyone that is of any importance to your wedding in your phone with detail as to what they do.

There will be many many many names.  Store people with what they do, who they are, and their company name.  Google Sync twice a day.

Rule #4

You need a binder. 

How else will you organize everything?  Take it everywhere you go.  Mine is either in my car or in the house with me.  I never leave it.  Use dividers for easy flipping.   Even if you do not use a vendor, keep their information just in case you need them later.

Rule #5

Make a custom day-by-day calendar

You need to be focused and always know what you are supposed to be doing.  Stretch a task over 3 days.  There may be stumbling blocks, so allot time to handle them.  I know this sounds ridiculous, but schedule days off.  Use checklists available on the internet to create your personalized calendar.   Use more than one source.  There are always differences between each.  Combine them.  Eliminate what you will not use or need.  Personalize your checklist!

Rule #6

Budget for a Rehearsal Dinner. 

Reward your wedding party for coming out.  Really show that you appreciate their time.  Send a real invitation, please.

Rule #7

Buy the wedding party a gift, a thank you for their time. 

They really go unappreciated for the time and money spent to participate.  They are doing YOU a favor.

Rule #8


Stay in regular communication with everyone involved.  Make sure everyone has had a chance to get to know you.  No surprises.  I am a stickler about how things are done and how long it is taking.  I will fight for you and against you, depending on what’s going on, but we’ll work it out.  The photographer told his friend before I called, “She’s nice, but she’s no joke.  She’s extremely professional”

Rule #9

Be confident and honest about what you do and do not like

This is your wedding.  Balls to the wall.

Rule #10


When budgeting use your budget efficiently by weighing what’s most important to you.  No.  It can’t be everything.  Reception (food) is where you will spend the bulk of your money.  Do this first.  Then, do everything else.  You will know where you stand after this.


    Use Voicemail Depot and a gmail account for people to call in or email to make reservations.   You do not want this being forwarded to a personal phone.  Headache! Neither do you want to spend all the money on stamps for a rsvp card.

    Create a wedding website. 

    Wedding Wire – fun youthful site that wll track your checklist, if u update it.

    The Knot – an old timer with tons of info.

    Checkout a wedding show/convention before planning

    Know whether you want a formal or informal wedding.

Here are two sites I love for FREE (don’t pay for this stuff):

Pash Weddings  – Free Printable Wedding Planner

Perfect Wedding Day – Reception Timeline, Ceremony Timeline/Processional, MC Script for ceremony. This site is soooo good.

Last, but definitely not least, pray, attend pre-marital counseling, and still do couple things. Don’t have everyone asking why you’re getting married. People should see why.

Signing off,
“Know how to flip that money three ways”