Romance In My Closet

25 Apr

I skew Victorian and Romantic looks. Is Victorian under the Romantic umbrella? I don’t know.

I have found myself obsessed with lace and lace brocade, which is odd.  I typically am not a fan of romantic looks.  The frills and thrills usually turn me all the way off.  While I love them on others, not so much on myself.  But I found a lace brocade dress last week (I didn’t take a picture ☹). I couldn’t buy it because the rules at the thrift are now, “if it does not have a tag, we don’t sell it.”  I was so upset.  I patiently waited until I found the perfect dress and couldn’t buy it.  I shop for specific things and I envision how they should look.  I don’t care if it takes me a year to find it.  I will wait and pay.  My not-so-cowboy cowboy boots took me forever to find, but I love them and have been the proud owner for about 3 – 4 years.

Anyway, back to the dress.  It had gold beaded detail on the ¾ length sleeves and along the bateau neckline.  Gorgeous!  The last couple of dresses I purchased have this same neckline.  I think it’s so clean and sexy.  I included a picture of the bateau neckline in the collage.  It’s the light gray dress above.  I had a peachy lace one on yesterday with a low back.  I wore it to church, of course covering the back, with a chunky sparkly necklace (like those pictured), bronze heels and my navy motorcycle jacket.  Later, when I went to the movies, I put on my denim jacket and cowboy boots with the same dress.  Utility is one of the most important factors of a wardrobe.  One must be able to mix and match almost everything.  People buy shoes for THAT outfit and jacket for THAT dress.  Do not limit your wardrobe.

I picture some romantic pieces above. Here are some of elements of romantic pieces:

Lace, Brocade, Ruffles, Florals, Light-weight fabric, delicate, flowy, peaches, off-whites, and beiges.  Think really feminine, really girly.

Urban Outfitters has a lot of ultra romantic items, as well as, H&M’s Garden Collection and Conscious products available in stores now.  Check out the Conscious products here.

Don’t be afraid to compliment romantic pieces with menswear and leather.

Below is the December 2008 spread I loved of Twlight cast for InStyle. I didn’t think it was that long ago. It’s not as romantic as I thought, but I liked every detail.


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