How Not To Be an A**hole At Work

14 Apr

I don’t know how to embed from my phone, but compliments of Issa Rae check out The Hallway after reading today’s entry. Guaranteed laughs.

Some of these stem from lessons I have learned.

1.       Gauge the intentions of who you are speaking to

    Many times people are innocently asking questions.  Don’t be a dick by answering condescendingly.  That’s how you burn bridges.

2.       If you see me coming and I am only a few steps behind you, please hold the door open.

    How many times have you been only 2 steps behind someone at work and they let the door slam right in front of your face.  Since I work in a financial institution, it’s worse.  All doors require badges and have whatever that is that makes sure the door closes immediately.

3.       Make no assumptions

    Don’t assume people know something or it is their responsibility to do a task.  Ask first.

4.       Ask questions, even if you know someone is wrong

    Rather than saying, “I am sorry, but you are wrong.”  Ask questions:  Okay.  Sorry, but I am confused.  Please walk me through your process. Has this always been the case? I may need to revise my process. Lastly, make a statement: Let me double check my work and I will get back to you.

5.       Clean up after yourself

    Your home might be disgusting, but please be considerate at work.  Throw your trash away and make sure the stall is clean after you do your do.

6.       Smile and say hello when you make eye contact

    Why would you look me in my face and not say hello after I have said hello?

7.       Speak on the elevator.

    I met a board member this way. Hey, you never know where you blessing will come from. It is just us in a 5×5 space.  I know you’re here.  You know I am here.  Instead of it being awkward, say “good morning.”

8.       Don’t copy everyone on every email.

    For the people that love to copy the world on email.  It’s unnecessary.

9.       Mind your business

    No. We did not call you into discuss this matter.  Why are you lurking around the door?  Why are you here?

10.   If we are peers, NEVER speak on my desk.

    I am carrying my workload just fine.  If I need to make any changes, I will consult with MY MANAGER.


11.   Just answer the question    

    Please do not tell me how you have told someone this over and over.  I’m asking now.  Don’t attach the email you sent weeks, ago.  Just answer the question.

12.   Don’t be defensive and argue every chance you get

    No one will want to work with you and it will take longer to get things done.  As far as arguing, why do you care that much?  I don’t get it.

13. Know your ish

    Don’t make claims ill-informed

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