Best Date Ever #1

11 Apr

Sorry guys for the delay in posts, between weddings, baby showers and family The GWC has been completely tied up and we haven’t had much time for ourselves, especially time to blog. This post is dedicated to the fellas! Last night after our usual bbm conversation we realized that we have gone on some pretty great (and creative) dates in our lives. This week we’ll be doing a few post on some of our greatest dates and hopefully that will give ya’ll some ideas (male & female since the courting should go both ways)….

Valentines Day 2006

This happens to be one of my FAVORITE Valentine’s Day dates EVER but the great thing about this date is that it can work anytime of the year, especially for special occasions.  As high maintenance as VDay usually is I actually prefer avoiding the hustle and bustle of restaurant reservations and the newest play or romantic concert that JUST came into town, so this date was right up my alley.

I told my boyfriend at the time that I just wanted to be low key and particularly did not want to go out this year (especially after my previous years VDay being TERRIBLE- delayed reservations, overcrowded restaurant and missing our movie). I wanted nothing more than to just stay in and rent a movie. Unfortunately, my bf let me know that I needed to get dressed up because we had reservations. So I dressed up (begrudgingly and forcing a smile) and went on my merry way. On the way to the restaurant he told me he forgot something and we needed to swing by his apartment. Of course after waiting in the car for a bit (I’m impatient) I decided to get out and come inside. I knocked on the door for him to swing it open and reveal rose petals on the floor, a linen table cloth in the living room and candles EVERYWHERE! Right there in on the floor of the apartment we had a 3 course meal (prepared by him) serenaded by 90’s R&B and most importantly, in the comfort of our own space.

Why this date is successful: Despite being in the intimate comfort of your own space, dressing up is imperative. If he would have told me we were staying in I would’ve sported my juicy track suit (Juicy Velour was hot at the time) some uggs and my hair in a ponytail, not the most romantic attire. Because we were both dressed up it helped contribute to the ambiance of the overall night. Cooking for your sigfig always is a gesture of true romance and wins major brownie points (maybe we’ll post date night meals). And on top of everything, the creativity and effort shown puts the cherry on the sundae. I was like putty in his hands! For the fellas- the best part of all of this is rather than paying $65/pp for a 3 course meal (like we did the next year) he paid about $40 for EVERYTHING. Usually a date costs about $68 dollars- $40 for meal/drinks and $22 for movie tickets, $6 for misc. This gives you a savings of $28.00!

Happy Monday!

P.S. I know Lady & The Tramp has nothing to really do with the post but I love this movie and who doesn’t love dogs & spaghetti?!?


2 Responses to “Best Date Ever #1”

  1. Seth Brundle April 11, 2011 at 11:21 am #

    I LOVE the endearing tone and spontaneity of this post! It’s always interesting to get a woman’s perspective on “the ideal date.” Believe me, good men are always looking for new ways to show our ladies a good time. Keep ’em coming!

  2. B Hood April 11, 2011 at 9:37 pm #

    Dope! I’m most certainly stealing this move! 😛

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