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Romance In My Closet

25 Apr

I skew Victorian and Romantic looks. Is Victorian under the Romantic umbrella? I don’t know.

I have found myself obsessed with lace and lace brocade, which is odd.  I typically am not a fan of romantic looks.  The frills and thrills usually turn me all the way off.  While I love them on others, not so much on myself.  But I found a lace brocade dress last week (I didn’t take a picture ☹). I couldn’t buy it because the rules at the thrift are now, “if it does not have a tag, we don’t sell it.”  I was so upset.  I patiently waited until I found the perfect dress and couldn’t buy it.  I shop for specific things and I envision how they should look.  I don’t care if it takes me a year to find it.  I will wait and pay.  My not-so-cowboy cowboy boots took me forever to find, but I love them and have been the proud owner for about 3 – 4 years.

Anyway, back to the dress.  It had gold beaded detail on the ¾ length sleeves and along the bateau neckline.  Gorgeous!  The last couple of dresses I purchased have this same neckline.  I think it’s so clean and sexy.  I included a picture of the bateau neckline in the collage.  It’s the light gray dress above.  I had a peachy lace one on yesterday with a low back.  I wore it to church, of course covering the back, with a chunky sparkly necklace (like those pictured), bronze heels and my navy motorcycle jacket.  Later, when I went to the movies, I put on my denim jacket and cowboy boots with the same dress.  Utility is one of the most important factors of a wardrobe.  One must be able to mix and match almost everything.  People buy shoes for THAT outfit and jacket for THAT dress.  Do not limit your wardrobe.

I picture some romantic pieces above. Here are some of elements of romantic pieces:

Lace, Brocade, Ruffles, Florals, Light-weight fabric, delicate, flowy, peaches, off-whites, and beiges.  Think really feminine, really girly.

Urban Outfitters has a lot of ultra romantic items, as well as, H&M’s Garden Collection and Conscious products available in stores now.  Check out the Conscious products here.

Don’t be afraid to compliment romantic pieces with menswear and leather.

Below is the December 2008 spread I loved of Twlight cast for InStyle. I didn’t think it was that long ago. It’s not as romantic as I thought, but I liked every detail.


Wertz Bro: Antique Emporium

25 Apr

Saturday, I roamed the aisles of Wertz, an antique emporium. It was a random find on the internet and I finally made it after 3 weeks of postponement. There were carom boards, crocodile heads, punch bowls, doll parts in jars, autographed photos, awards, vinyls, and Jeweler desks.

My niece accompanied me and had fun. I give this place $$$$ and four-stars. Maybe the valet in front was a clue (I parked next door at JoAnn’s). However, you can touch everything. I twirled a lace brocade umbrella for a while and sat in a 60’s mod room looking at a huge Uncle Tom’s Cabin poster. It’s wild in there. I liken the adventure to that of movie scene attics.

Wertz is located in Santa Monica, CA right off the 10 freeway.


How Not To Be an A**hole At Work

14 Apr

I don’t know how to embed from my phone, but compliments of Issa Rae check out The Hallway after reading today’s entry. Guaranteed laughs.

Some of these stem from lessons I have learned.

1.       Gauge the intentions of who you are speaking to

    Many times people are innocently asking questions.  Don’t be a dick by answering condescendingly.  That’s how you burn bridges.

2.       If you see me coming and I am only a few steps behind you, please hold the door open.

    How many times have you been only 2 steps behind someone at work and they let the door slam right in front of your face.  Since I work in a financial institution, it’s worse.  All doors require badges and have whatever that is that makes sure the door closes immediately.

3.       Make no assumptions

    Don’t assume people know something or it is their responsibility to do a task.  Ask first.

4.       Ask questions, even if you know someone is wrong

    Rather than saying, “I am sorry, but you are wrong.”  Ask questions:  Okay.  Sorry, but I am confused.  Please walk me through your process. Has this always been the case? I may need to revise my process. Lastly, make a statement: Let me double check my work and I will get back to you.

5.       Clean up after yourself

    Your home might be disgusting, but please be considerate at work.  Throw your trash away and make sure the stall is clean after you do your do.

6.       Smile and say hello when you make eye contact

    Why would you look me in my face and not say hello after I have said hello?

7.       Speak on the elevator.

    I met a board member this way. Hey, you never know where you blessing will come from. It is just us in a 5×5 space.  I know you’re here.  You know I am here.  Instead of it being awkward, say “good morning.”

8.       Don’t copy everyone on every email.

    For the people that love to copy the world on email.  It’s unnecessary.

9.       Mind your business

    No. We did not call you into discuss this matter.  Why are you lurking around the door?  Why are you here?

10.   If we are peers, NEVER speak on my desk.

    I am carrying my workload just fine.  If I need to make any changes, I will consult with MY MANAGER.


11.   Just answer the question    

    Please do not tell me how you have told someone this over and over.  I’m asking now.  Don’t attach the email you sent weeks, ago.  Just answer the question.

12.   Don’t be defensive and argue every chance you get

    No one will want to work with you and it will take longer to get things done.  As far as arguing, why do you care that much?  I don’t get it.

13. Know your ish

    Don’t make claims ill-informed

Best Date Ever #2: Aquatic Paradise

12 Apr

This is weird for multiple reasons. *pops the top*

Prom night was my first formal date, not the let’s go to the movies, watch a movie, hang out at the mall teenage stuff. Although I had been to several dances with high school boyfriends, this was thee dance. The ultimate dance where you look your best. I told Seth Brundle what I wanted my prom dress to look like after much magazine page flipping. Seth sketched it onto a piece of paper on the hunter green lunch tables in senior square. He was sketching everyone’s prom dress (LoL). The picture exhibited every pleat, drop, and the exact puddle of fabric I wanted. I handed the seamstress my sketch like it was the golden ticket. I told her the color and fabrics I wanted. As you can imagine, I was very specific. My prom dress is timeless.

I didn’t tell my boyfriend at the time what my dress would look like. I wanted him to be surprised. I gave him a swatch of the fabrics, so his vest and tie would coordinate, but

Prom day, I got my hair and nails done. Everything was moving in slow motion. I was nervous hoping he’d like every detail. I mean I had spent much time on this. Lastly, I picked up my dress and got my makeup done.

I was feeling grown and like a lady (whatever that means at that age). The feeling of getting dressed to accompany the person you’re with to an event is filled with excitement and anticipation. It’s like going on a first date, again. My sister-in-law helped me get dressed while everyone waited downstairs. Although there were many there, I only cared about his arrival. While getting dressed, my mom yelled up the stairs, “____________ is here!” My mind began racing whew…take breaths. Omg, he’s here. Okay. Okay. Okay. *laughs* Okay. Here goes.

My sis-in-law laid down the stray hairs with a wax stick. Then, I put my hand on the doorknob to face gratification of my efforts from the only person that mattered or *crickets*. I reached the edge of the steps in my champagne colored heels and french manicured toes and there he was at the bottom of the stairs. He stood there in his tux with a corsage. This was the first time I had ever seen him in a tux and surely this was the first time he had ever seen me like this. My nervousness faded. I smiled. He was standing there tall in all his glory handsome, freshly shaven, and cut. I headed down the stairs to meet him in my Jennifer Lopez plunge halter dress, which made my dad clear his throat and look over at my mom. The seamstress spoofed. Really. She did. He reached out for my hand to help me to the landing.

While everyone was ohh and awing and taking pictures, he leaned over to whisper in my ear that I looked beautiful. My smile grew from ear to ear paired with a laugh. He helped me into the car, out of the car, and got my food and drinks the entire night. He asked repeatedly if I needed anything and got territorial when guys made comments. We danced and had a GREAT time. He treated me like a lady from the moment he took my hand at the stairs to helping me out of the car at the end of the night, at which point he again complimented how I looked.

Why this date was memorable Women like being reminded they are YOUR lady. I don’t think men should do this all the time. It would be taken for granted. But every once in a while, guys, remember that she is a lady and most of all she’s your lady. Compliment something you normally wouldn’t: her dress, perfume, hair, shoes, necklace, and/or makeup <— things only women note. You're saying you love the way she put together. Attention to detail. Do something you normally wouldn't. For example, clear your schedule for an entire day to do something she's always wanted to do. Knowing how crazy my life can get, it's the ultimate form of selflessness I know. Not only will she be smiling that evening, she'll wake up smiling. Take care of home *Dave Hollister ensues*

Best Date Ever #1

11 Apr

Sorry guys for the delay in posts, between weddings, baby showers and family The GWC has been completely tied up and we haven’t had much time for ourselves, especially time to blog. This post is dedicated to the fellas! Last night after our usual bbm conversation we realized that we have gone on some pretty great (and creative) dates in our lives. This week we’ll be doing a few post on some of our greatest dates and hopefully that will give ya’ll some ideas (male & female since the courting should go both ways)….

Valentines Day 2006

This happens to be one of my FAVORITE Valentine’s Day dates EVER but the great thing about this date is that it can work anytime of the year, especially for special occasions.  As high maintenance as VDay usually is I actually prefer avoiding the hustle and bustle of restaurant reservations and the newest play or romantic concert that JUST came into town, so this date was right up my alley.

I told my boyfriend at the time that I just wanted to be low key and particularly did not want to go out this year (especially after my previous years VDay being TERRIBLE- delayed reservations, overcrowded restaurant and missing our movie). I wanted nothing more than to just stay in and rent a movie. Unfortunately, my bf let me know that I needed to get dressed up because we had reservations. So I dressed up (begrudgingly and forcing a smile) and went on my merry way. On the way to the restaurant he told me he forgot something and we needed to swing by his apartment. Of course after waiting in the car for a bit (I’m impatient) I decided to get out and come inside. I knocked on the door for him to swing it open and reveal rose petals on the floor, a linen table cloth in the living room and candles EVERYWHERE! Right there in on the floor of the apartment we had a 3 course meal (prepared by him) serenaded by 90’s R&B and most importantly, in the comfort of our own space.

Why this date is successful: Despite being in the intimate comfort of your own space, dressing up is imperative. If he would have told me we were staying in I would’ve sported my juicy track suit (Juicy Velour was hot at the time) some uggs and my hair in a ponytail, not the most romantic attire. Because we were both dressed up it helped contribute to the ambiance of the overall night. Cooking for your sigfig always is a gesture of true romance and wins major brownie points (maybe we’ll post date night meals). And on top of everything, the creativity and effort shown puts the cherry on the sundae. I was like putty in his hands! For the fellas- the best part of all of this is rather than paying $65/pp for a 3 course meal (like we did the next year) he paid about $40 for EVERYTHING. Usually a date costs about $68 dollars- $40 for meal/drinks and $22 for movie tickets, $6 for misc. This gives you a savings of $28.00!

Happy Monday!

P.S. I know Lady & The Tramp has nothing to really do with the post but I love this movie and who doesn’t love dogs & spaghetti?!?