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My Must Haves and Shopping Tips

17 Dec

Must Haves

A cableknit cardigan sweater (so comfy and versatile)

A pair of Keds or Chucks (go with almost any)

Boots and Booties (all kinds)

Poncho (It’s so comfortable)

Knitted hats (I recently added another one gifted from the other GW)

Nivea Essentially Enriched (Lasting coverage, no greasy build up, and washes clean)

Ziba Beauty Eyebrow Pencil in Chai (Have you seen me without penciling in my eyebrows? Wash my face and they disappear like Whoopi’s)

Vaseline (people always talk about my use of this product, but, honestly, it’s the only way my lips don’t peel)

Q-tips – The Multi-tasker (I never run out and I pack them when I travel.  Eye make-up removal.  Boogey removal for kids.  Cleans the entire outer ear, even the folds at the top)

Waist length leather jacket (Depending on the style, you can wear it with almost anything.  However, I must say I hate the ones made like early 90’s blazers)

Scarves (patterned/solid/printed)

Tights and Leggings (My sweats. I almost fear getting too old for them)

My favorite pair of jeans (I guarantee you’ve seen them millions of times.  They began as a dark wash)

A cotton v-neck t-shirt (one of the sexiest most comfortable creations)

Camel colored all weather coat (To the likes of a trench.  These days they are not nearly as long.)

Plain Black Pump (Leather/Suede.  I have both)

A white dress shirt (Go to item when I am rushing to go to work.  I do not wear dress shirts often, but I keep one of these on hand)

Black Pencil Skirt (Can always throw it own for work.  Timeless, until it’s dingy)

A tailored and cropped blazer (Goes with almost anything as well)

The Office DVDs (random, but I watch something comical before I go to sleep.  This has been habit since my Freshman year of College.  I used to watch Family Guy before bed every night.  Great way to go to sleep)

My iPod, which was recently found slain.  (Turns out I can live without it, but I had quite a grieving period)

Shopping Tips:

1.  Don’t buy it, unless you’re in love with it and can get prolonged use out of it.

People think I shop a lot because they often see me in something “new.”  Actually, I may buy 1 or 2 items a month.  For a woman, I guess this is minimal.  The key to shopping less is buying staples versus buying trends.  Staples allow one to mix and match.  I have learned to manage my shopping via asking myself pertinent questions while I am in the store.   I will, literally, sleep on it and if I still want to buy it within 2 days, I’ll commit and make the purchase.  As I stated in an earlier post, I used to be in a frenzy while shopping, making impulsive short-lived purchases.  Thus, donating bags upon bags of clothing.  Depending on the type of purchase, I will sale them to a consignment store.

2. If buying online, search for additional discounts. 

I always check  Simple: Find the best deal you can.  You can Google coupons and discounts.  You can also use the Google “shopping” search feature for a better price on an item.  Type in the designer/maker and product name/number.  You’ll get results.

3. Some stores offer price adjustments within 7 – 10 days of your purchase.

You do not have to bring the merchandise back; you only need the receipt.  I will typically visit Saturday before 1pm, if I feel like I can get a better deal.  This is the case with a lot of department stores.  Some of the boutique chains will also do this.  I saved $40 on one item once for just going back for a price adjustment.  Carry your receipts on you.

4. Always keep your receipt.

For the purpose of returning or exchanging, keep the receipt.  Additionally, it’s good to keep your receipt for a price adjustment, if extra discounts become available

5. Read the Return Policy

Always read the return policy, so that you know how much wiggle room you have.  Decision making becomes extremely crucial at stores that do not allow returns and only offer exchanges within a certain amount of days.

6. Never buy anything that is too small or uncomfortable, unless it’s one weight-loss goal item.

I do not believe in that either, but some people do.  As much as you may be excited about this item, clothes that are too small look awful anyone and you fidget when something is uncomfortable. I had a problem with this growing up.  I am 5’9” or 5’10”.  Arm-length and inseam are always considerations when I shopping for long-sleeved shirts, jackets, and pants.  Recently, longer inseams have become easier to find.  Growing up, it was awful.  I had to “fall into the GAP.”  It was the only place that sold Longs.  Those were the most monotonous jeans of the 90’s.

7. You can buy skirts and dresses a size or two larger.

I know. I know. You should buy things to size.  I have done this several times:  purchased a dress or skirt that was too big, only to have it altered.  May, my tailoress, knows my family for suits, pants, dresses, skirts, and all.  If I am in love with something that is too large, I will have it tailored.  Nothing like the perfect fit anyway.  For those that thrift, this is a great idea, since you’re getting the clothes at a great price.  Depending on the material and how intricate the pattern is, the price can come in low or high.  It all depends on how much you want to spend.  Have a tailor or tailoress, though.  Men, if you can avoid it, never buy a suit off the rack and wear it.  Please, have it tailored.

8. Buy what you like, do not duplicate someone else’s style or buy things because “everyone’s wearing it”

Be inspired.  Do not duplicate someone’s outfit or style.  Of course, I like what many people wear, but I understand it’s not me.  During my college years, I bought a lot of things out of my comfort zone and opposite my style because I had not yet accepted and cultivated my own style. Wasted money.  The fashion market produces the means to MY end.

9. Confidence

Confidence is heavily connected to rule
number 8 and although said over and over, it cannot be truer. One’s posture and disposition in what they are wearing is half of the outfit. 

10. Budget Shopping

Make a shopping budget and stick to it. This should get you to make wiser decisions.  If you are returning too often to stay within budget or just returning too often, you are not making good shopping decisions.  Take cash into the mall.  Leave cards in the car.

This is all I could think of for now.  Happy conscience shopping!


More of Thee. Less of Me. My Burden Is My Gift

8 Dec

Composed during a fast and later discussed with one of my good friends

I do not have my study bible with me, so I cannot give setting and background, but…Moses was called upon to lead the children of Israel out of the wilderness. This, of course, came with its obstacles, although Moses, at birth, was destined for this journey. The Exodus alone serves as a testament that God will supply our EVERY need.

On to the scripture

Exodus 4: 1 – 12
Moses tells God the people will not believe him; “they will not hear my voice.” God asks Moses what is in his hand. Moses was holding a rod and God asked him to throw the rod to the ground. The rod became a serpent. Moses fled. Moses was then asked to grab the serpent by the tail. The serpent became a rod, again. God further asked Moses to put his hand on his heart and it became leprous. God asked Moses to return his hand to his bosom, again, and it returned to healthy flesh. God said to Moses, “if they do not believe you, then get water from the river and throw it upon land and it shall turn to blood.” Moses, still doubtful, tells God that he is not an “eloquent” speaker. God tells Moses, “who made man’s mouth?…Is it not, I, Jehovah?…Go and I will be with thy mouth, and teach thee what thou speaketh.” Despite this, Moses was not convinced and God, angered, gives Moses Aaron, his speaker.

What I received from scripture:
1) We have all that we need
2) Our burden is our gift

God asks Moses a series of questions in this passage. For example, what is that in your hands? God knows it is a rod, but God is bringing awareness to Moses, so that Moses “sees” that it is only a rod (God is appealing to the senses so that Moses to understands His power. Faith is unseen). God then, turns that rod into a serpent. Moses jumps in fright and God essentially says, “no. no. no. Get back over here and grab the serpent by the tail.” Our troubles and fears, at the onset, overwhelm and appear mountainous; they can be paralyzing, daunting, and hopeless. But God asking you, while you’re staring at it, who do you say I am? I laugh every time I read that in the bible because it’s a “riiiiight” moment. (Mark 8:29)

It is not what God can do for us, but what He can do through us.

Moses was frustrated multiple times with the Israelites and the Exodus. This can be seen as Moses’ “burden.” We find our gift/voice in our struggles and most challenging experiences. There are definitely others that share our struggle(s). There are definitely people that we can positively affect using our “voice.” Instead of patching our struggles with closed mouths and moving on to forget them; they need to be our vehicles to change the world. We are promised victory (I John 5:4), if we believe and live in principle. Our trial is where our passion and growth lies. The I john verse forever changed my life in 2005 and faith. I KNOW that I have victory over ALL things. However, this does not mean my fears go unchallenged and I don’t succumb. Faith has to be maintained.

I encourage you to read the scripture on your own because it’s moving.

God is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent. We always see God’s patience with us and faithfulness to us through instruction and opportunity. God does not give up on us nor does He forget us; he waits. Reach up to God while waiting on blessings to come down! Dry your tears, so you can see clearly to move forward.

Advice for Guys Going Fishing

3 Dec

This post was written weeks ago. See when LA last played Denver. This is partly a rant, but has some weight.

Personalize your conversation with a woman 

Do not begin with a Chris Brown “Yo (Excuse Me Miss)” Remember how old he was? Riiight.  And saving the last dance won’t get her either. He was right about not talking about her smile or style.  Heard that one before.  That’s something you say once you’re in there, unless it’s the first minute and thirty seconds of Wale Manipulation Part 2 stuff.  Well…you would have to know her for that Wale, too. 

Women are far more responsive to non-suggestive greetings.  Open a conversation with something general.  I’ll even go for what are you drinking? I need help choosing or
did you see that Laker/Denver game last night? You’ll find out if she watches sports or not.
What do you think about the Democrats only having Senate? Use information that is important to you, depending on your intentions.

Do not seek information with lame questions

For example, “I know a whole bunch of other guys have already asked for your number.”  First, I do not like this type of fishing; it’s not clever.  Second, do not worry about whoever else has tried talking to me.  You should believe you are THE ONE, not of the group.

“Where your boyfriend at?”  First, incorrect grammar.  Second, be direct.  Third, I will have fun with you by pointing to a stranger across the room.

Be chivalrous

They say it is as dead as Tupac. LoL. I guess it depends on who you are talking to. It still counts.


Calling is far better than text messaging.  Unless she begins a texting relationship with you, refrain.  I gave a guy my number only because he said he did not think I would. He got me!  But he never called.  He, instead, chose to text message me all week with no response.  Then, invited me to Lucky Strike, where he’d be that night.  C’mon, now.  This is so lame.

Phone calls require more time and attention.  If you can slow down your day to do so and hopefully, right after business hours and before 10pm, with something to talk about, she’ll appreciate it.  My friends and the guys I date hate this.  Yep.  I have a phone curfew, unless you’re the one I introduce to my friends and family.

Don’t seem desperate by speaking of the future

Again, you do not know me.  Let’s chop it up and see what the future holds.  You should not be planning anything with someone you do not know.  What if you find you do not want to take her out after talking to her?  What if you decide after she has said something that completely turns you off that you are not going to call?

Oh…keep in mind that, in order to completely reel in this fish from the sea , she must like you.