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My Home Goods Shopping Trip

25 Oct

I loved so many of the items I saw and the inspiration I received from them that I had to post them.  Remember that what lies in front of you is a means to an end.  Focus on shape and function, which will open up the possibilities.


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Decorating Your Apartment Bathroom

25 Oct

Or maybe you just have a small budget for your home.

I had someone ask me to give them tips on decorating their apartment bathroom a long time ago.  Sorry. I am just getting around to it, but here are some tips. I hope this helps.  Readers, you may ask me questions in the comments section.

Frame your mirror

You can do this via buying framing from your local hardware store or a picture framing place like Aaron’s. Michael’s does it, too. Paint it out. Stain it. Do whatever you’d like. I actually just had a great idea — pasting newspaper clippings. Measure out the mirror and attach with double-sided Velcro strips to the edge of the mirror or pre-existing medicine cabinet.  I am avid double-sided Velcro user.  I keep it in my event planning kit.  I had to line a stage with fabric using it last minute and it held all night.

Paint the Walls

One would typically go for a soft color.  Please refrain from using pastels.  It will date your room back to the 80’s.  If you can deal with a strong color on the walls, by all means, do so.  You can also use appliqués or paint a design on the walls (Target has wall appliqués) to personalize your space.  The appliqués can also be used in other rooms of your apartment.

Shower Curtain (drawn back)

A nice shower curtain and liner are essential.  The curtain has the most presence because of its size, so buy a nice one and good liner protects it from water damage. Keeping the shower curtain drawn back makes the bathroom look larger. If there is a window, the natural light will be able to shine through making your small bathroom look larger, as well.

Hang a picture or pictures

A trio or nice large one.  If you have a huge empty wall, a huge scenic pic or extremely understated picture would be a nice focus.

Towels (two colors, if you’re feeling adventurous)

One can find quality towels at a good price all day long at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, Kohls, Home Goods, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Tuesday Morning.  Actually, all of these places are good for accessories.  You have to become a shopper, if you are on a tight budget.


One rug; one plush large rug.  There is no need for two, unless your bathroom is huge.  The floor should not be cluttered with multiple rugs.  Keep it clean and neat.  Additionally, rugs near the toilet, unfortunately, are a refuge for urine that missed the toilet, guys.  Think of how washable your rug is before purchase.

Change hardware (towel rack and toilet tissue rack)

Home Depot and Lowes sell these all day long and they are relatively cheap.  Easy update!

Scented Candles

Around the sink, along the front of tub, or tall candles cater corned on the floor near the bathtub.  I do not like things on the back of the toilet.  Typically, they are hidden by the edge of the toiletseat cover and they can be a nuisance.

Toothbrush and soap dispenser

Spend some money here.  It makes a difference, if you want that luxurious feel.  That bright cheesy gold will tarnish, please pass them up.

(low lighting)

If you have extra space on a cabinet (away from water)

(floating preferably)

I hate that metal vertical storage unit that surrounds the toilet.  I don’t like the wood ones either.  For one, it dates a bathroom and, two, people who buy this tend to clutter their bathroom with tchotchkes.


What will impress your guests more than anything? A clean bathroom.  No matter how well you decorate a bathroom, its cleanliness will be most important.  Keep surfaces clean and decluttered.

My cleaning supplies

Comet/Ajax ∙ Scrubbing Bubbles ∙ Bleach in a spray bottle ∙ Papertowels ∙ Windex ∙ Rubber gloves (so your hands don’t smell like bleach all day)Swifer Dry Cloths (LoL)  I mentioned this on twitter once before, but these things are magical.  I figured this out when I didn’t have any cleaning cloths.  I do not like using bath towels to clean.

Friends of The Opposite Sex: The Results In…

14 Oct

and I have done some unfavorable things

1.       Hugging upon greeting one another

a.       83% said this is okay
b.      17% said this was inappropriate

2.       Kissing on the face as the French do when they greet

a.       67% said this is okay
b.      13% said this is inappropriate

3.       Spending the night over each other’s house (infrequent, but happens)

a.       50/50

4.       Going out for lunch, dinner, and/or movie dates at least once a week?

a.       67% said this is inappropriate
b.      23% said this was okay

5.       Eating from the same plate? Or sharing the same drink?

a.       67% said this is okay
b.      23% said this is inappropriate

6.       Going out of town together for an event (possibly sleeping in the same room)

a.       83% said this is inappropriate
b.      17% said this is okay

7.       Receiving non-emergency phone calls in the wee hours of the morning

a.       67% said this is okay
b.      23% said this is inappropriate

8.       Joking and name calling

a.       67% said this is okay
b.      23% said this is inappropriate

9.       Talking about your relationship with them

a.       67% said okay
b.      23% said this is inappropriate

10.   Which gender are you

a.       Male 83%
b.      Female 17%

Yes, there are a lot of what-if’s, but keep in consideration that the friends are completely platonic.  We had an odd amount of survey takers, so I had to round the percentages.  Yet, even with as many people we had respond to the survey, everyone generally felt the same about the questions I posed.  People were split about that spending the night question, which I have done several times in and out of relationships, dating and not-dating.

Moral of the story: we should be considerate of other people’s feelings, not so much that we change who we are, but that we consider how our actions affect others.  When we want the dating and relationship to progress, we can bend and compromise (yea, I said it) on things that are quite easy to change.

I guess I’ll go home when I start getting sleepy, if it’s a problem.

Kitchen Necessities

13 Oct

How many times have you gone over your bf’s and maybe your gf’s house and there is only a box of baking soda and Country Crock in the fridge?  At lunch on Sunday, someone added that there’s a bottle of Sweet Baby Ray’s, too (LoL).

Meg and I have cooked for our friends multiple times and to our dismay, they never have the bare necessities in their kitchens.  We have to scavenge and invent pans to cook something.  So to you guys that ask women to cook for you and for the women who agree to, here is a list of the bare minimum.  You may get a pass on some, but for the most part, pleassseeeee get it together.

The List

Red/Yellow Onion · Garlic · Oil · Flour · Sugar · Bellpepper · Milk · Eggs · Can Opener · Cork Screw · Bottle Opener • Chicken Broth · Rice · Butter · Cream of _______ soup · A good chopping knife · Cutting board · Salt · Pepper · Creole Seasoning · Can Opener A decent set of pots and pans · Baking Sheet · Large Mixing Bowl · Storage Containers for leftovers · Plastic Wrap · Foil · Cheese · Peanut Butter (only because I have an obsession) · Dishtowels · Large Serving Utensils · Silverware · Plates and Bowls · Paper towels · Broom · Mop · Sponges/Rags for cleaning · All purpose cleaner · Trash bags Dishwashing liquid


Cooking is, at the least, a skill, not a gender role.  Try your skills out in the kitchen.  Practice makes perfect.

the non-dating game

12 Oct

I’m not dating anymore. I’ve decided that the next person I decide to enter a committed relationship in should be my husband, therefore all other “non-husband quality” candidates need not apply. I’m tired of dating and committing a year of my life to something or someone that I knew from Day 1 didn’t have what I needed. Not all men are dogs and not all men suck, but not all men are for me and I have decided that rather than squalor my value by continuing to enter in meaningless “situations” I will be by myself and focus on bettering myself so that when Mr. Right does come I will be prepared and ready to be the best wife/future mother of his kid(s) that I am destined to be.  So for all prospective Non-Mr. Right suitors, please see below:

Dear Mr. Not Right For Me:

It’s occurred to me that I have continously dated you over and over again over my 20 some years of life and now I’ve come back to that same crossroads .  Its my fault that guys like you repeatedly come along in my life and get me to sign up for a two-year plan that ends up being nothing more than a relationship with an expiration date (kind of like my phone contract with Verizon, only I decide to cancel instead of renewing).

It’s not that you’re a bad man, on the contrary you’re fantastic for someone else.You’re just not the right man for me.  And no, you didn’t do a thing, actually its me.  Despite the amazing person you are for someone else, I see that the grass is greener on the other side and my roaming eyes have  me seeing qualities and behaviors in Mr. Right that you don’t even know exist exhibit and that’s where the problem lies.

No, there is nobody else yet, however when he finally comes I will definitely know.

Mr. Right is the one who knows love when he finds it and knows just what to do to maintain it. After taking notice of friends and other couples in committed (intended on marriage relationships) and I witnessed some beautiful exchanges, actions, gestures and words that I have never even considered possible with men I’ve dated in the past.  There must be a class on “love gestures” that I need to take.

Mr. Right will have the same traditional and moral principles as relates to a relationship as I do. Mr. Right recognizes that love at our age is difficult to find and must be cherished and nurtured like a garden.  He won’t think it’s something you can flip like channels on a remote control and is dependant on how the market is doing phone or write in once or twice a week like a feature story about something else.  He doesn’t believe he has learned, seen or done it all.  Instead, he lives his life (now) as if he has missed out on so much and marvels at what each new day will bring.

I KNOW I’M NOT PERFECT and have done my fair share at damaging relationships and may not be deserving of the kind of attention I’m requesting from a future husband.  And yes, maybe I’ve been a little more closed off and hard to get close too (I can admit that more often than not being with me is like cuddling with a cactus) BUT this wonderful relationship I seek is a brand new start and commitment I’m willing to make to myself and moreover my future mate.

Thank you for being a gentleman and trying to make things work. I hope that your future wife is as deserving of you as you are of her, but that girl just ain’t me.


The Good Wife that isn’t for you

(Please know that this letter is unisex and can be applied both ways)

Friends of the Opposite Sex

11 Oct

I have held friendships with the opposite sex for years and they are close dear friendships, probably inappropriately close at times.  I never saw it as a problem, until I got older.  Rather others pointed out that it can be a problem and could reasonably make someone I am dating uncomfortable.  Nothing has ever happened between my male friends and me; they have all been platonic friendships, but I cannot circumvent the question asking when I begin dating someone.  The questions worsen as the dating continues, but I am open to answering any and all questions about my friendships.

I will admit that I have done some disrespectful things. I never intended to be disrespectful.  I thought I was just being me and functioning amongst everyone as I always do.  I had previously summed it up to the guys I was dating being insecure. However, once my friends, the same ones that were brought into question, confirmed that it could make someone uncomfortable, I started to make a few tweaks.  In addition, I might be a little too free-loving.

The Lines Seem Blurred?

Here are some pointers from WikiHow.

  1. How do you feel about them and how do they feel about you?
  2. Make sure both people understand it is a friendship
  3. Tell the person you’re dating about them and the type of friendship it is
  4. Bring the friend and person you’re dating around each other
  5. No “touchy feely” with your friend, no matter how affectionate you are (Eek!)
  6. Don’t give people reason to think you’re more than friends by doing seemingly romantic things
  7. If the “friend” does not know how to be a friend, “x” the friendship.
  8. Go to lunch instead of dinner

Take this short questionnaire, here.  I have done some of these things and some I have not. Obviously, I created the survey before reading the WikiHow article, which confirms that I’ve done some eyebrow raising things

Thrifting, but for Furniture

4 Oct

I don’t like thrifting, not because it’s second-hand shopping.  I don’t like thrifting because it requires a lot of patience. Even though I am pretty much ready to leave once I walk through the door, thrifting for furniture is an AWESOME idea, guaranteed cost cutter.  In addition, it tests your creative ability to pull together a look with what you have at hand rather than just finding and buying what your imagination came up with brand new (that’s what I did below. Shhhh).

My beloved Sugar found these while he was out thrifting and I fell in love with them.  This was taken with a camera phone, but they were in really good condition. The nailhead trim and feminine vintage print on the chairs made me think Shabby Chic. *swoon*

I’m thinking…a crisp white round pedestal table, a honey brown or walnut stained sideboard with clean lines, this wooden chandelier I found on, a collection of 3 clear vases as the centerpiece (one large round, one that looks like a carafe, and a short fat cylinder).  For a rug, I’m thinking round woven natural.

Let’s see how this pulls together as a collage…

I used the old and new, which is not a crime.  Begin with what inspires.

Furniture auctions and flea markets are also another means to buy furniture at a great price.  So don’t be afraid to visit your local Goodwill.  I haven’t been to the Pasadena Flea in a while, but there are so many options.  Just Google your city’s name and flea or ride the streets for yard sales and such.  Something should come up because there are so many options.  Don’t be afraid to refinish something or pay someone to to save money, time, and get that one of kind piece.