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Make Them Look Good In A Bra

29 Sep

This may not be the case once they come out of the bra, but geez.

I know this talk has been had over and over, but somehow some of you missed it.

Boobs are going to eventually sag, unless you get a breast lift or boob job somewhere down the line.  In addition to gravity taking its natural course on your chest, people are also confused about what a “normal drop” looks like since the infiltration of fake boobies.  But there is nothing I hate more than seeing a woman with a bra on and they are still sagging.  Ugh!  Pick.them.up.

Not everyone shops at Victoria’s Secret and for those of you who do and never take the advice of the salepersons in the SPECIALITY STORE, shame on you.  That measuring tape around their neck is not flare.  They use it so that you do not become an unidentified example on the Oprah show.  No matter how influential Oprah is, there are still women that wear the WRONG bra.

You may shop wherever you’d like. It really doesn’t matter as long as they have someone to measure. However, I doubt that $10 bra is of good quality, unless it has been marked down several times. Hmmmm. No one wanted it.

Let’s start with what the number and letter(s) mean.

36C. A median size…I think.

• The number indicates the circumference around the back to the front underneath your boobs. 

• The cup size is measured the same way, but across the nipples with a bra on.


• Demi • Push Up • Push Up Convertible . Full Coverage • Lined • Unlined • Balconet

I’m not going to go over each style, but all adult women’s bras should be lined.

Women that are a “full C” or more are advised to only wear full coverage. I DON’T agree. I think the Demi is a perfect compromise, “everyday bra,” for someone that is a “full C,” D, or DD . I’m too young to wear full coverage that only comes in Black, Nude, and White. For women that are a 38DD or higher, Cacique offers several lines of modern better looking bras for well-endowed women. Really. You should stop by and check it out.

Only teenage girls should wear unlined bras. Additionally, only modestly boobed teenage girls should wear cotton bras. There is no way a cotton bra is enough support for a woman.

What you need to go bra shopping?

A wet t-shirt contest kind of t-shirt.

Why? If the bra is not the right size, you will see it in the front and back. A bra should be smoothing and lifting things. Nothing should be popping out or running over.

My bra test:

It fits comfortably on the 1st hook. The last 2 are to used in the future as the bra inevitably stretches out.

Bend over – okay, nothing fell out and they haven’t shifted

Walk Around – okay, they’re not jiggling too much and the straps are comfortable

Turn to the side – okay, they’re up and there is no extreme back fat because it’s too small around.

Lastly, try on different styles until you find the right one; your size is not set in stone. The size you’ll need from style to stlye can change and the measuring just gets you within the range you should be wearing.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Pink October! You can visit for a sleuth of information.

– Misch


l.o.v.e. and other disasters

28 Sep

love- (noun) a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.  a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child, or friend.

Most people have experienced love, and if you’re not married or currently with your love, you’ve probably experienced the other disaster: heart break.

To be completely transparent, I’ve had my heart broken in some horrible ways, but I have also been the cause of heart break. Although I’ve never cheated, because of past pains I was emotionally cut off and unattached which meant that no matter how much a guy loved me or expressed his love to me I was not capable of returning this affection back to them.

Until earlier this year, I frequently said the following things: love is overrated, love doesn’t exist, I’m not capable of falling in love [insert any other anti-love phrase here]. But after being realistic that I did want to eventually get married and have kids, I realized I had to open myself up to love.

In 10th grade I broke my ankle cheerleading. It hurt, it sucked, I was in a lot of pain, BUT as soon as that ankle heeled up I was back to jumping around with my pom-poms and cheering at pep rallies and games. So if I didn’t give up on cheerleading, why would I give up on love.

Despite all the frogs I had to kiss, and the times I felt let down, ultimately I know (after seeing those around me) that when you do find that one person, it makes all the pain and heartache worth it. If you’re not open to the idea of love every time you approach a new relationship, you could possibly miss out on the love you’ve been waiting for.

Mourn the loss of your love. Give yourself time to heal. Move on to the next one.

Love is not easy and can be a small disaster at times, but the real disaster is to never love at all. Open your heart and find strength in the fact that one day you will stumble upon the person God designed especially for you.

-megofthegoodwives and former Black Heart

Questions You Should Ask Before Dating

27 Sep

Yes, there are questions you should ask before anything gets serious, which is typically when feelings manifest themselves like spores.

1.        Are you currently in a relationship?

The older I get the more I realize most things are merely opinion and speculation, morals and values included.  Life itself is ironic and few things stick.  So could someone lie by omission on this question, if allowed? Yes.  Do not assume someone upholds the same standards you have, unless you would like to find out later they don’t.

2.       Are you still in love with your ex?  This would be one of the biggest follies, if not asked.  Ask yourself first, then, ask the person you will potentially date.  There are so many people dating just to get over their ex.  Yes, this works in some cases, but you will become the REBOUND or make someone a rebound, if the scale is tipped. Lastly, there’s nothing you can do with someone that is still in love with their ex.

3.       Do you have kids?

Typically, one would find this out earlier on, but who knows.  I once had a guy pretend his son was his god son or nephew.  Weirdest thing I have ever witnessed.  The kid was with him all the time and late at night.  I talked to him for a week, maybe.  Not saying it is impossible that I date someone with a kid, but I know that I am not ready.  Some of us can deal with it and some us cannot.  Second advantage to this is that you have a window into how they treat their loved ones.

4.       Where do you work and what do you do?  Side hustle? Or just a hustler?

Where someone works and what they do may not be indicative of what they can accomplish, but it is a determinate of how much effort they are investing in their future according to question 5.

5.       What do you want out of life? Goals? Plans? Results?

Discern whether they have short-term and long-term goals.  The short-term goals facilitate the long-term goals.  We know where a lot of potential gets you – a wooden stick and a tied handkerchief sack (I may have touched on this in my CREAM post).  We get stagnant at times and many of us have mundane corporate jobs to build the resources and will to do what we love.  Keeping momentum is difficult with constant tests and obstacles that arise.  I am definitely guilty, too, but I need to know that you have seriously considered your future and have made strides to get there.

1.    a false statement made with deliberate intent to deceive; an intentional untruth; a falsehood.

Given this definition of a lie, it cannot possibly be a lie if you never asked.  You may have been deceived and/or betrayed. I firmly believe that denial in the name of love is just that.

Questions are not asked for two reasons: we either don’t care to ask or we’re afraid to ask. Yet, some us know what we can and cannot live with. I want to say I have a harder time forgiving a lie than an ugly truth. The truth may hurt, but it allows me to decide what I AM going to do.

I have already had the debate about “lies” and “lies by omission” several times.  I am constantly being told it cannot be so “black and white,” among other things.

You’ll notice that “are you open to a relationship?” was NOT one of the questions. Why? I don’t consider this a relevant question. Given the right person and timing, we could be in a relationship next week, unless we’re so jaded we sabotage every possibility.

Note: Do not ask this all of these at once; it will seem like an interrogation.  Be sleek in your approach.


Get Your Beret! We’re Doing Crêpes

24 Sep

My new obsession is Crêpes.  I have always enjoyed eating them, but just learned how to make one after a last minute sweets fix.  Had I known they are this easy to make, I would not have spent so much money on them.

Here is the simple recipe:
2 eggs ∙ ½ cup water ∙ ½ cup milk ∙ 1 tbspn melted butter ∙1 cup flour ∙ A pinch of salt

Utensils needed:
Whisk/fork ∙ Frying pan ∙ Bowl ∙ Measuring cups ½ cup and1 cup ∙ Spatula ∙ Tablespoon


Whisk the wet ingredients in a bowl.  Then, gradually stir in the flour making sure there are no lumps.  Once everything is mixed, pour the batter into a non-stick hot skillet over medium-high heat.  Please make sure your pan is not smoking. If it is, turn the fire down and wait until it cools down.  Once your pan is ready, pour the batter like you’re making a pancake.  Use the back of the spoon to spread the batter evenly and thinly in the frying pan.  It is not supposed to be thick like an American pancake, although it’s made like one.  It cooks quickly so work swiftly with the spreading.  Once lightly brown on one side flip to other.

Mine of course was filled with strawberries, bananas, and Nutella and topped with whipped cream.  I could not find Almond slices in Target, nonetheless, it was sooooo good.  Crepes can be savory or sweet, depending on what you fill it with.  It can definitely be filled with Spinach, Mushrooms, turkey sausage, tomatoes, and other goodness to be savory.Try making it for you sig fig, family, and friends. 

They’ll think you’re fancy just because of the word Crêpe.

Dear Diary,

21 Sep

Today, I worked out.  “I’m so cold.  I think I see Blue.  He looks glorious.”

The last time I worked out on a regular basis was 2008, 2 years ago.  I had a little bit of a burn and muscle ache, then.  Now, that I am working out again, my body hurt so bad I thought I was doing a lift, run, punch, something terribly wrong.  Those Mountain Climbers, jumping rope, jumping jacks, lunges, and squats had every muscle of my body hurting, even my back.  Legs were shaking on the last rep and all. I am surprised I have not been cramping at night. I had to take breaks at work to walk around outside to ease the pain; this is suspicious activity where I work.

My hair and body have been casualties of this effort, but I didn’t let it stop me.  I stuck with it and now I am practically pain-free.  I manage my hair during the week and do it for the weekend.  The motivations for exercising are: 1) Run/Walk in November 2) I should probably start working out again for my health’s sake.


I do an intense 30-minute cardio video (woohoooo On Demand!) that turns my pores into faucets.  Gross, I know.  I did not know how to feel about sweating like that.  The video keeps you going the ENTIRE 30 minutes.  Break time is jogging in place. LoL.  After I complete the video, I run, jog, and finish walking.  There is a reason for the cool down.  If you do not slow the heart rate down progressively, you will look and feel like death.


While my other-half has tackled the eating, I will be honest, I am having the hardest time with that. Working out increases the metabolism, which also increases your appetite.  I have been eating like krazzeeee.  And…I made crepes with Nutella, strawberries, and whipped cream last night.  You’ll just have to excuse me *puts church index finger up*. Yet, what I do know, from past experience, is that eating habits are probably about 80% or more of losing and maintaining weight.

Please, commit to a LIFESTYLE CHANGE, not a diet.  Diets make me think of calorie counting and specific meals on specific days.  I always ask people “could you eat like that for the rest of your life?” If not, then don’t do it.  Change habits first. Your food preference will change naturally. I hope.

My Do’s and Don’t’s

  • No sodas
  • Cut out most juices, unless they are freshly squeezed with no added sugar
  • No Sweetened Iced Tea, either
  • Eat all three meals with snacks in between
  • Make breakfast count.

Breakfast is easier to control.  Buy some almonds, fruit fiber bars, steel cut oatmeal, high fiber cereal, soy milk/almond milk (for the lactose intolerant) and put it in your desk or wherever you will be in the morning.

  • Lay off the bread a little bit.

I’m not really a bread or chip eater, unless it is a burger/hotdog bun, so this was easy.  I bought neither when I lived alone.  However, some restaurants do offer lettuce wrapped burgers as an option.  I think In-N-Out calls it a Protein Style.

  • Don’t double or super size anything
  • Cut your portions in half.
  • Don’t eat after 8 p.m

Unless you will be up for several more hours.  I’m sorry I do not believe the hour and a half thing.

  • Eat ONLY healthy snacks

Fruit, Vegetables, Nuts, some protein/fiber bar. If you don’t like any of the above you will be less inclined to eat so much, which is a good deterrent

  • Look at the Sodium and Sugar on the food you eat

Aim to eat less than 1500mg of sodium per day, according to the American Heart Association.  For sugar, find no added sugar products, if you can.  Eliminating and cutting back on portions should help in reducing Sodium and Sugar.

  • Drink Water

6 – 8 glasses a day is fine.  Start off with 4 and increase.

This does not have to be hardcore and drastic; it is a learned behavior.  Some people prefer strict regimens because they do not think they can achieve the same results.  I obviously do not agree.

If you have health issues, please consult your doctor.  Don’t over do it!

If you would like to motivate yourself via a Run/Walk, check out  They also have a nationwide search. Remember that you can pretty much Google any cause to see how you can contribute.

The LA Marathon is in March of 2011.  You can start training now!

Something About 25…

20 Sep

Is it just me or is their something that happens in between 24 and 25? Its like you all of a sudden become self aware, insecure and re-think all the decision’s you’ve made in the past 24 and 1/2 years of life.

It is amazing the changes I (along with my friends) have made trying to correct, undo or redo choices we’ve made all on our quest to fulfill the plan we created at 21 about who we wanted to be at 25.

At 21 I expected the following things at 25:

1) Be engaged or in a long term relationship

2) Living in a fab apartment somewhere by the beach

3) Finished with law school and working my way up at some hot shot Bev Hills law firm

4) Still wearing a size 6

5) To be incredibly successful, happy and living a comfortable life

My Reality at 24 approaching 25 in 2 months:

1) Let’s hope I’m in a long term relationship by 30, engaged by 32 and have my first kid at 35

2) I live in the same fabulous room I grew up in, only with way better furniture that  I’m proud to say I purchased myself (this is after moving out and moving back in)

3) Fast forward 6 months after I turned 21, decided I didn’t want to be a lawyer, skipped out on law school, got on the fast track career path in entertainment, travelled around the world, picked up life experiences and NOW am re-routing my career path back to corporate America

4) I am still wearing a size 6+(insert 4 or 6 here depending on what I am trying to fit into)

5) I have recently embarked on a path to be the best person I can possibly be which will ultimately lead me to feeling comfortable in myself, happy with my choices and incredibly successful at creating my own path in life

A lot has changed. A lot is different. And finally I am okay with this. I think our twenties is the time for us to learn who we are and who we want to be, and in order to do that we are going to have to move forward, start from square 1, pick ourselves up, rise, fall and so on. The person who I was at 21 is completely different from the person I am now that I’m approaching 25. Rather than beating myself up for not having a fab apartment somewhere  I am happy to say that I am financially secure and now that I am transitioning careers I don’t have to worry about digging into my savings to survive. Instead of being in a long term relationship I have decided to work on myself so when I do meet Mr. Right I will be whole heartedly ready to embark on a journey with him. So what I didn’t go to law school, I’m not currently working 75 hours at a law firm working my way up while struggling to pay back my student loans doing something I didn’t want to do.

Now that 25 is approaching and I am reviewing, recalculating and re-doing some of the choices I’ve made I can honestly say that I look at all my friends and myself and I am proud at the people we have become and are continuing to evolve into.

(However, I do hope to be back in a size 6 by the end of the year….[don’t judge me])

-Meg of the Good Wives

I Don’t Wanna Be Chubby No More

18 Sep

It’s been almost a week since The Goodwives have begun our quest to “Whole Body Wellness”. Between cutting calories, stocking up on lean cuisines, forcing ourselves to workout everyday and making sure that everything we digest is easily broken down into energy for our body and not fat on our bellies this first week has been tough, to say the least.

Its said that it takes 21 days to break or form a habit so that means that we have 14 days left until this routine becomes a lifestyle. On my quest to being healthy I have noticed some slight changes already in this first week.

1) Energy- making sure that I am having small regular meals every 2-3 hours has helped keep my energy level up all day.

2) Jeans- now I will be the first to admit that I love a great pair of fitted jeans, however I have noticed a better fit in jeans. By watching calories and exercising my body is able to loose fat faster. (and who doesn’t want to loose weight?)

Yeah, I might be a little more irritable and I might have to avoid seeing anything fried for the past couple of days but the one thing I can say is that I am really dedicated to achieve total body wellness so the sacrifice is totally worth it.

-Meg the Good Wife