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Cleaning House…

1 Jun

The GWC is definitely content with our lives. We have amazing families, amazing friends, amazing careers, and most of all we serve an amazing God. BUT….every now and we have to stop, reflect and clean up our lives.

After an impromptu trip to Vegas, we had a self awakening. Within the last few months our usually equally balanced lives slightly got off scale. Misch started a new job which of course required a lot of attention and I picked up new clients and new responsibilities at work which caused us to shift priorities. Trying to balance work, family, friends and everything else life throws our way caused us to forget about 2 of the most important people we know, ourselves.

Well after spontaneously dashing to Vegas everything came full circle. Unless we focus on our health, wants, needs and life everything else will eventually fall by the way side. The commitments we made at the top of the year (going to the gym, eating healthy, taking me time, going to the spa etc.) all fell by the wayside as we focused on the need of others. But, after 2 months of self neglect we became tired, irritable and overwhelmed so–we cleaned house.

Ladies, while your aspiring to be “Good Wives” remember to take time to prioritize your needs. If you’ve been neglecting yourself or made some not so great decisions, don’t beat yourself up–stop, reflect, refocus and push forward. Remember, life will always find a way to get messy, its just your responsibility to clean it up. Carpe Diem!