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Be The Life of The Party and Plan It

16 May

Whether it is a wedding, birthday party, or bbq at the friend’s house, we have had to host. I would have never guessed in a million years that I would have such a role and be a partner in an Event Planning company.  The “me” growing up and even into my young adult years never initiated conversation.  One, I did not understand the importance of being social.  Second, it did not come naturally.  I am sure most, if not all, of the people who knew me from my high school, would say that I am more open.  Coming out of the shell is weird; it touches on vulnerability and rejection.  Get over it!

Here are some pointers about planning and hosting.  On being social —-> take a leap!

What needs to be remembered, ultimately, is that we offer ourselves, are a GREAT thing.  Never be intimidated with the task at hand, even if it makes you sick to your stomach like it does me.


1.  Figure out the place

This is the most difficult task because you HAVE TO mesh well with the vendor and this is where most of your money will be spent. If something feels shaky, do not book with them.  When working with a budget, you will need to bargain hard.  Before going in, decide what is needed and what is wanted.  Simplify your wants and minimize your guests.  Downgrade elements that are not important.  I do not care how much you are paying ALWAYS have a written agreement when you are making payment.  If you are having a house function, be ready to have people in your home.  This means anything you value must be relocated or protected.  Something might break and become ruined.  Someone WILL spill his or her drink.  The bathroom toilet might clog.  There will be clean up before and after.  In addition, if you live with other people, they will be inconvenienced. 

2.  Maintain open communication with your vendors

You should be able to call whomever you hired, during business hours, at any time you wish to ask questions or highlight concerns.  However, organize your questions and thoughts before calling.  Do not call a million times with scattered thoughts.  Watch your tone and language.  No one wants to help an angry person.  Try to find a solution to a problem before getting angry.  ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS be honest.  The week before keep in constant contact and on the day of do a roll call in the morning to confirm setup time and make sure nothing unfortunate happened.  If it has, plan B.  Think on your feet.  Lastly, do not agree to something you do not like.

3.  Make an itinerary

The night before, map everything out.  Whomever will be helping you host, will need an itinerary, also.  Do not walk into an event without first knowing what is needed and not have a timeline of events.  DISASTER.


1. Relax and Smile

People can read you and will be looking to you to host.  If you do not have it together, act like you have it together.  If necessary, have a drink.

2.  Don’t come up missing at any point

I hate when I am at someone’s function and I can not find them.  What the heck?! If your guests need something, they should be able to locate you.  When I have had to leave an event for some reason or another, I appoint someone to take care of the guests or I tell the guests why I have to leave and when I will return.  Leaving is inexcusable, unless an emergency arises or something must be done and can only be done by you, the host

3.  Mingle with your guests, all of them

Even in handling business at an event, I am ever-present to answer questions or provide the guests with what they need while also conversing and introducing myself.  I also “get it in,” professionally.  Being stiff and unapproachable does not foster business and it can make everyone around you withdraw.  Have fun while keeping in mind your handling business.

Inexpensive Party Foods (try to stick to appetizers. Less hassle)



Good ole’ Seven Layer Dip



Hot Dogs

Grilled/Baked Chicken

Chicken Tenders (kick a dipping sauce up a notch to make it memorable)



Tacos (I hate to list it, but…)


Cheese Toast



Macaroni and Cheese (we posted some recipes)

Pizza bites (buy them or make them with dough in the cookie dough section)

Meatballs (we have all seen this, but it is practical shrugs)



Lettuce Wraps

Shrimp (although they drive costs up, they are sooooo easy)

Stuffed Jalapenos


Stuffed Mushrooms

Fried Ravioli

Puff Pastries


Main thing here is taking something someone would normally eat and making it your own.  Turn something simple into something that is yours with a cuisine change.  Start looking at the appetizer choices in your menu while out eating.  People are always remembered for how they cooked something, not what they began with.

Happy planning!


The Price of Dating

5 May

A while ago, the Good Wives were having a discussion in regards to dating after I racked up a $350 bill at Victoria’s Secret. Now, one might ask, WHY IN THE HELL ARE YOU SPENDING THAT MUCH ON BRAS AND PANTIES? but if you really think about it, when you are in a relationship/seriously dating someone, just as much as a man is racking up the dollar signs taking you on these fabulous dates you should be spending the same amount of money investing in yourself to make sure that you remain the eye candy he fell in love/like with.

This brings me back to a conversation I had with 2 close male friends over sushi, us GWC gals are clearly from southern traditional roots–ultimately we are old fashioned morals in a modern day package. Their are certain rules that we live/abide by that have been inbreed in us from the women in our family who have successful, happy and long lasting marriages/relationships. Well, here you go gals–everything worth it has a price and here it is.

1) Don’t Ruin the Fantasy–men are visual creatures. The way he met you (in the bar, club, grocery store, etc) is exactly the image (or better) that he wants to keep of you. My Gana, who has been happily married for over 60 years told me this when I was younger and I have never forgotten it. My grandfather has seen her in rollers twice, both occassions were in the middle of the night when she received the news that her parents had passed. She waits until he is in bed to roll/wrap her hair and she wakes up before him to brush her teeth and fix her hair. Now, I’m not saying she gets up and spends an hour getting glammed up to get back in bed but she does make sure that she puts on a little mascara and some vaseline. This sounds outrageous BUT when you think about it its true.  Swap the silk scarf for a silk or satin pillow case OR wait for your man to turn in before you start destroying his fantasy and try waking up 5 minutes before his usual wake up time to wash your face and brush your teeth. Trust me, this goes a long way.

2)Leave the Sweats Alone–now, I am TOTALLY guilty of this. I love sweats and about 1 month ago 4/7 days you could probably find me in a sweatsuit, this was until I was informed by the guy I’m dating that this is an absolute turn off. Just like I don’t want to see him in a white tee and baggy jeans he doesn’t want to see me in my CSULB sweatsuit from head to toe. SO compromise, there are plenty of maxi dresses and rompers that are just as comfortable as my sweats that doesn’t give him the image of me being a professional WNBA player.

3) For every 3 you do 1–dates are expensive. Now, we at the GWC are firm believers in chivalry and having a man wine and dine you, BUT we also believe in being fair. For every 3 dates he pays for you should pay for the 4th one. This is reasonable, fair and self explanatory.

4) SLEEP SEXY–not literally (i am a drooler occasionally) but don’t come to bed in something worn back in the 1920’s. I invested in my underwear/bed attire so I can make sure that I am always attractive to him even on my way to sleep. The GWC does NOT believe in granny panties and any other attire of the sort. There is no reason why you cannot find something decent and yet attractive to sleep in whether it be a teddy or just some cute shorts and a tank top your man will greatly appreciate the effort you are putting into your appearance before you hit the sheets.

There are countless other rules which we shall divulge at other times HOWEVER these 4 are the most pressing and important. Try doing these things for 2 weeks and see the remarkable change and spark it brings back to your relationship. If you have a good man, he’ll notice and greatly appreciate it! You can put a price on effort but ultimately a successful and happy relationship is priceless!

“Where Are My Panties?”

1 May

My friend thinks that I should write a playbook on dating and said it should be called, “Girl, Stop Trippin!”  Besides this corny title, which they convinced me would catch people’s attention in a bookstore, I have words of wisdom to share about the morning after.  However, I caution you because I am not sure where this kind of thinking will lead.  It is merely what keeps you neutral until there is deeper reason to engage someone emotionally.

Words of advice about the morning after: DO NOT VALUE IT whether you like them or not.  Do not have expectations that you are on a path to a relationship.  Sex does not put you on the fast track to a relationship.  If this is your reason for going forward, STOP.  It is just sex, so be aware of your intentions.

My guy friends have told me that a man will stop at nothing, if it is a conquest or he likes you. This is where the risk comes in because it can be hard to distinguish one from the other in dating.  The idea of being a conquest does not bother me.  Why? Women have the control and power to say, “no.”  Being taken advantage of results from allowing someone to take advantage of you.  In addition, if I have made the decision to go forward, as clouded as it may be by the present circumstance, I have decided that what will be will be.

In no way am I telling you to sleep around and devalue the emotional aspect of sex through multiple meaningless encounters.  I merely want you to make it through The Morning After seamlessly.  Sex is not the means to get what you want. Each party still has to decide that they want that person there continuously The Morning After.

Enjoy the transcripts of the Andre 3000 skit “Where Are My Panties?”,3f/