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My Go To Tennis Shoe

20 Apr

 Mischa Barton was on to something when she began endorsing Keds.  I admit that I had jokes about this girl I saw with Keds on about 4 years ago in Vegas.  But she was NOT rockin’ them right.  She had on this… I’m not goin’ in her, but I will be purchasing more Keds for the Summer.  I love them and for those of you who do not buy a variety of tennis shoes like me (I’m a Chuck and, now, a Ked wearer), they are the perfect balance.


He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

20 Apr

I have some of the best conversations with one of my great great great friends that I, in recent years, have become extremely close to.  We can talk about anything because we are honest.  Our most recent chat was him trying to figure out if he was in the friend zone or not.  I have gone over this time and time again, but still…he is in the same place.  You know who you are!

 I suggested that he go out with her during the day.  Lunch is one of the most neutral meals.  Take them to one of your fav places that’s informal.  Dinner sets off alarms and says DATE! DATE! DATE!  This is best, right? They have known each other for a long time and are friends, so we do not want it to get weird.

 I am black and white about this whole thing.  If someone likes you, there is no guessing.  If they are so cowardly that they can not get it across their lips or show you in their actions, then, I am not sure it is worth it.  

 We may have to go out of our way to get people to understand how we feel about them, but you should not have to convince someone to like you.  If someone is truly interested, trust me, you do not need to convince them to like you.   

 I am quick to tell someone, “you can do you.” This might be the source of my demise one day because I could mess up a REALLY good thing due to my stubbornness. But wait a sec, this is not said in anger or spite; I’m concrete in my opinion that people doing what they want to do.  Scheduling conflicts arise, but two people can make it work, if they are willing to sacrifice for those they care for and love.  And I admit —- this is a result of my past and a fault.

To my friend, good luck!!!

Still taking down shots, ay…

9 Apr

Well, I am about to give you a short lesson in wine.  I think I am growing out of my college phase liquor choices.  I still enjoy Tequila, which is probably the last hard liquor I’ll drink.  I spent some time venturing into wines during college and even more so, now that I frequently eat at restaurants.  Honestly, in doing business, a wine glass is more respectable than a margarita glass.


Fermentation produces ethanol (alcohol).  Fermentation is the metabolism of carbohydrates by yeast with low-oxygen conditions.  This is why alcohol is fattening!


Quick tips to remember about wine glasses

Red – Fat

White – Thin

I have to admit.  I do not drink wine from the appropriate glasses all the time and maybe even from a red plastic cup, at times, depending on where I am.  LoL! Don’t judge me!  But I do know the difference between a red and white wine glass.  Choosing the right glass ensures that you’re getting the best wine experience (aromas and flavors)

3 Types of Wine styles

Light-bodied – these can be eaten with a wider base of food because the do not have as many tannins.  Tannins are what make a wine bitter and give it a dry taste.

Medium-bodied – More Tannins, so you’re going to get more flavor.  I prefer this style of wine

Full-bodied – The full experience.  More taste and typically, more alcohol.  My taste buds have not acclimated to this class of wines, although I have tried them


Reds come from the red grapes. The color ranges from reddish to deep purple.  Reds use the grape skin; this is what gives it the deep color it has.

Light-Bodied Zinfandel – this one is easyPinot (some)
Medium-Bodied Merlot – least favorite winePinot (some)

Syrah – okay

Full-Bodied Cabernet Sauvignon – Love Love Love

And yes, you do typically drink a red with red meat.

Whites are made from yellow/light-green grapes.  The skins are used as well.

Light-Bodied Riesling – LoveChenin Blanc

Pinot Gris/Blanc

Gewurztraminer –  Love Love


Muscat (aka Mascato)

Medium-Bodied SemillionSauvignon Blanc
Full-Bodied Chardonnay Love that Kendall

Last tid bit on red and white wine, I am not a fan of Yellow Tail.

Champagne and Sparkling Wine

It is a type of wine, but it goes through a different process and it is typically, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, or Pinot Meunier.  Champagne technically can only come from the Champagne region of France, but we call it Champagne anyway.  Sparkling wine is the other that is not generated from Champagne, France.  Champagne is typically sweeter and can take on various fruity flavors.  The bubbles come from second fermentation; they add more sugar and yeast, which turns into CO2.  The CO2 is your bubbles.  The second fermentation usually happens in the bottle!

For champagne, we have 4 types:

Extra Brut – extremely dry

Brut – Dry (I know you have had this type of Andre)

Extra Dry- the middle ground

Demi-Sec – Sweet (Dessert time!)